SPORT FOR TOMORROW is an international contribution through sport initiative led by the Japanese government, which promotes sport to more than 10 million people in over 100 nations until 2020, the year when Tokyo will host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Freewill is supporting Sport for tomorrow since 2016 as an active member.









    There are various things that can only be done by a private company. But only with the power of the government, bigger projects can be realised. If one decides to do it, it should not be without an extraordinary passion and the necessary knowhow. As Freewill, we want to contribute our passion as well as our knowledge to Sports for tomorrow for a better world. Our main business is ICT, but be it with sports, arts or entertainment, the possibilities to involve Japanese to move the world are endless. In November 2016 a soccer game with 300 children was held in Surin Province, Thailand. The soccer fewer is now spreading in Asia. It carries peoples dreams across country borders. Among those are a lot of children from less privileged backgrounds, dreaming to escape their current life with soccer. We support young talent with our ICT knowledge, nurture them to live their passion of being in the sports business.


    For those of us, who had the luck to be born in an developed country and were able to hone their soccer skills, passing on their skills, language and experience to people in developing countries is an honour. Some of our employees have been playing in the J-League in their youth and some even have professional soccer experience in the UK. These employees coach children to get them closer to realise their dreams. At the same time fostering international exchange and relationships that will last for life. However relying only on the power of volunteers to change the world is insufficient. Yet, when borrow the power of private companies as well as the government, you can move a lot of things on international level. With IT we can cross borders, create new events and go after new business opportunities. Together with the power of our government, we have been pushing the Japan Initiative forward and are passionately pursuing IT x CSR activities.