Find the theme of life and enjoy it. Connect ideas into business and enjoy it some more.

Talent blooms by cherishing Freewill more than anything,
towards a world where people can choose what they wish to do in life.

A space where infinite thought swirls, a world where imagination is born. And if you go through your will according to your conscience, the destiny of all living beings on the ground and the fate of this planet will change dramatically.

Even if all people believe that money, status and power are important, the important thing for us, Freewill, is to live through our own will precisely because we are engaged in doing business under this spirit.

We are transforming ourselves into a business that solves social business, social investment,and global issues.

Invest in the project that resonates with your heart, an investment for a better world, not just for making money.

We are creating many Entrepreneurs (business owners). It will be a business considering only the same proportion of cross-shareholding system or return that see the majority.

That is why our business uses sophisticated technology and services from all over the world, to tackle social issues and work on social business.
Making it possible for people to realize what they really are supposed to do.
We aim to become a utopia where cultures, quality, and identity are fused by causing a resonant,
a vibration to connect worldwide.

We contribute to the development of the world for the next generation and the global environment.


Our mission is to
"Train Global Business Persons" and
"Supporting local and global business"

Gathering knowledge from internationally experienced
members and
Providing a solution for the future of our customers and society

We believe that true globalization means inserting global
standards into Japanese society and
Highlighting Japanese identity: culture, traditions, quality, as well as "Bushido"*

Raising Japanese service that boasts JAPAN quality,
We contribute to the development of the world for the next generation and the global environment

*Bushido: the code of honor and morals developed by the Japanese samurai